Marklin BR 53 0003 in presentation box


32 pieces



The original BR53 0003 has been never build. BR53 was designed by Borsig as one of three war austerity locomotives in 1943. There are sufficient sources in the internet giving more information on  that specific Borsig Mallet locomotive.



Marklin started producing BR53 0001 in 1979. You can find all known variants of Marklin in German language under 'Modellbau-Wiki' BR53. Marklin produced in 1999 according to our current level of knowledge 32 prototypes of 'BR 53 0003' with condense tender, presented in an aluminum box for Marklin's sales representatives: 12 in Germany and 4 in Austria and Switzerland. In addition, 12 have been given to the shareholders and VIP's. All models have in common:

  • closed group of serial numbers
  • locomotive marked by 'BR 53 0003'
  • tender marked by 'BR 52 1911'

Marklin confirmed in 2015 in writing, that these models have been specially produced; but they did not confirm the lot. Our statements for the lot are based on those Marklin sales reps, who sold there models to collectors like us. Further more we where able to collect serial numbers from those collectors, we got to know via internet. Thereby we discovered the closed group of serial numbers. The later Marklin mass model 37021 showed up at millennium change and has a totally different range of serial numbers.


Currently, we know a range of serial numbers for 32 protoytpes. The highest serial number is noticed by an owner in the USA. We are still looking forward to receive serial numbers of all BR53 0003 collectors, who have not yet registered here. The serial numbers will not be published, in order to avoid copies.

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